Titanic Stories from the Archives

By Talia Cowen
September 17, 2019

We know kids are fascinated by the Titanic—and clearly, we here at Storyworks Jr. are as well. From poetry to plays, we’ve covered the tragic sinking of the ship in nearly every genre. We've compiled all of what we've written (so far) for you below. Use them independently or as paired texts with a shared topic.

In this narrative nonfiction feature by Lauren Tarshis from September 2017, students will learn about the Titanic disaster from the point of view of a young survivor, Jack Thayer. Gripping text features will help them better understand this devastating event.

In this powerful poem by Irene Latham, written from the unusual perspective of the Titanic itself, students will learn about point of view and personification.

This Word Power tells the story of the Titanic II—a ship built by an Australian company that is an exact replica of the sunken Titanic. With tickets costing up to $900,000 a pop, would you take a ride on this ship?

Here's a Titanic story I bet you haven't heard yet: the "world's most valuable biscuit," which survived the ship's sinking, was sold at auction for a whopping $23,000. And that wasn't the only interesting item that was sold. Read this Paragraph Power by Rebecca Leon to learn more!

This issue's play—I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic—is the newest addition to our Titanic repertoire.  It's an adaptation of Lauren Tarshis’s first book in her beloved I Survived series, which tells the story of two families who survived the deadly journey. 

Did you use any of the above Titanic features in your classroom? We'd love to hear how! Let us know at storyworksjr@scholastic.com.

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