September Issue: What We Love

By The Storyworks Jr. Editors
August 29, 2019

Here are our favorite articles and teaching tools from the September 2019 issue.

I think kids will adore our fiction story, Mango, Abuela, and Me. You really feel for Mia and her abuela, trying to find a way to understand each other better.

— Kara Corridan, Editorial Director

I loved Mango, Abuela, and Me too. Watching your students read or listen to this story, with terms in another language, will be eye-opening. Children are so curious, and so thirsty for knowledge, they will be mesmerized just like I was.

— Alicia Ramírez, Assistant Editor

I just loved working with on our cover with one of our favorite illustrators, Lance Lekander. We wanted to create a ROAR of a cover for Back to School, and Lance created this great dinosaur student! That's one of the best parts about my job: working with such talented illustrators to bring our ideas to life.

— Deborah Dinger, Art Director

Your students will love “The Wild Life of Christian the Lion” because it is a touching, exciting story about a tame lion. It will definitely touch their hearts and grab their attention!

— Christy Damio, Education Editor 

I also loved “The Wild Life of Christian the Lion” because of all of the photos. I especially enjoyed the researching images of the furniture store where Ace, John, and Christian lived. 

— Lois Safrani, Photo Editor

I’m excited about the redesigned Skill Builder activities, and I think your kids will be too. And you’ll like them because they’ve got fun little illustrations that don’t use up too much printer ink. 

— Paul Scherr, Production Editor 

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