Learning Extensions: September Paired Texts, "This Is the Loneliest Place on Earth"/"This Is the Most Crowded Place on Earth"

By Alicia Ramírez
August 19, 2019

This fascinating video gives you a tour of Tristan Da Cunha in two minutes. It also includes short interviews with residents.

Our article mentions that the people of Tristan had to relocate to England after the devastating eruption of their volcano. This 2 ½-minute video documents the arrival and departure of its residents to Southampton, England. If you only want to show one group’s triumphant return, start the video at the 1:15 minute mark. 

This 4-minute video about ways to improve life in Dhaka is admittedly not made with young children in mind, but it’s worth sharing to see the city’s traffic and overcrowding, and may spark a conversation about how people come up with solutions to big problems.

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