#StoryworksJr on Social Media

By Alicia Ramírez
May 31, 2019

We love connecting with you at #StoryworksJr on social media! We’re constantly blown away by the creative ways you use our resource:


Becky Leary of Tennessee shows how our May/June nonfiction feature helps her 3rd graders learn about the importance of conservation. Follow Mrs. Leary at @alittlebitleary.

This 2nd-grade class in Missouri shows us how they use Storyworks Jr. to focus on text evidence while prepping for their state test. Check out Ms. Van Wagner’s tweets at @mvanwagner3!

We loved seeing Ms. Schwartz (@MsSchwartz101) in New York celebrating her student’s writing contest win. Congrats to Analeigh for winning our February 2019 contest!

Ms. Altieri (@TailsofThird) in Connecticut shared this fun video on Instagram of her third-graders engaged in our May/June nonfiction story “Saving America’s Wolves.”

It’s always great seeing students like Ms. Gilion’s (@AshleyGilion) in Missouri, making creative connections to fractions. Her students loved our March/April Paired Texts about the history of pizza so much that they even wrote letters to local pizzerias to share what they had learned!

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Kara Corridan, editorial director: @kcorridan on Twitter, @karastoryworksjr on Instagram 

Alicia Ramírez, assistant editor: @aramirezgar31 on Twitter

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