Learning Extensions: May/June Play, “True Colors”

By Alicia Ramírez
May 27, 2019

We hope your students had a great time reading “True Colors”! Keep the learning going with these cool resources we’ve curated especially for this story.

The inspiration for our play came to us from Ricardo Alegría’s book Cuentos folclóricos de Puerto Rico, in which he compiled some of the island’s folktales that have been passed down through generations. Alegría was a Puerto Rican journalist, cultural anthropologist, and archaeologist. He was responsible for establishing museums, rebuilding towns, and preserving historical landmarks in Puerto Rico. 

You can help your students better understand some of El Yunque by playing this 3-minute video from CNN. Share this map of Puerto Rico too.    

The frog in our play was based on the coquí. The coquí is found mainly in El Yunque rainforest and is the official symbol of the Puerto Rico. It gets its name from the sound the male frog makes in the evenings (ko-KEE). Listen to this one-minute soundbite!    

Find more amazing artwork from the illustrator of this play, Alexander Vidal. Which illustrations do your students like best?    

Students might be surprised to hear that Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States since 1898. Spanish and English are both official languages. 

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