4 Ways to Teach the May/June Fiction

By Alicia Ramírez
May 16, 2019

We’ve put together suggestions to teach our latest fiction feature “Glow.” These resources from our Teacher’s Guide are tailored to fit every learner and classroom!

Have students reread the story. Ask them to underline details that describe how Trina feels about Glow and about her new scooter. Ask students: Why is Glow so important to Trina? Why does she describe her new scooter as “the perfect present”?

Ask students to point to Trina in the illustration on page 14. Then read the first column of text on page 15 as students follow. Ask students to identify the first-person pronouns that show Trina is telling the story. (I, my)

Read aloud the story while students follow. Help them find events in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Then ask them to draw a picture of one of the events and write a caption.

Ask students to write a journal entry from Lani’s point of view about her problem with Trina and how it was solved. Students can use details from the story and the illustrations. They can share their journal entries in small groups.

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