3 Ways to Teach "True Colors"

By Alicia Ramírez
May 23, 2019

We’ve put together suggestions to teach our latest play "True Colors." These resources from our Teacher’s Guide are tailored to fit every learner and classroom!

Divide your class into groups and assign each group one scene from the play. As students practice their lines, remind them to work on their fluency skills by paying attention to stage directions and punctuation marks. Groups can make masks or simple props for different characters. Each group will perform the scene in class.

Read aloud as students follow. Have them pay attention to punctuation marks and underline stage directions. Discuss any they don’t understand. Then have them take turns reading each scene aloud.

This play connects to the fiction story, “Glow.” Have students discuss the message of each. Then have them write a paragraph comparing and contrasting Manny in the play with Trina from “Glow.”

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