This Cracker Survived the Titanic

And someone paid a lot of money to own it!

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Learning Objective

Students will learn essential paragraph-writing skills while they learn about a fascinating piece of Titanic history.

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Content-Area Connections

Social studies: history

Key Skills

Writing, summarizing

Teaching Materials

Video: Searching for the Titanic

This video, from our friends at Scholastic News, explores the sinking of the ship and the search for its remains.

Activity Sheets

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Paragraph Writing Template

Teaching Extras

I Survived

We know your students are fascinated with the Titanic. They’ll devour the exciting historical fiction book “I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic,” by our very own Editorial Director Lauren Tarshis.

Titanic footage

You can show your students footage of the Titanic before and after it sank. This is considered to be a very rare film clip of the Titanic before its demise, including footage of Captain Edward Smith. This is video of the wreckage at the bottom of the Atlantic.

A cool exhibit

There’s an amazing exhibit traveling the country called “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.” It may not be coming to a museum near you, but this site includes a video and photo gallery that showcases many of the incredible items found among the wreckage.

Titanic II

Did you know that a Titanic II is being built right now? Host a class discussion with your students: Would they sail on it?