Our team is standing (and sitting) by, waiting to hear from you! Clockwise from top left: Rebecca Leon, education editor; Lauren Tarshis, editorial director; Jorge Escobar, production editor; Christy Damio, senior editor; Anna Starecheski, assistant editor; Aimee Dolan, outreach specialist; me; and Deborah Dinger, design director

Welcome to Storyworks Jr.!

Whether you're a subscriber or a potential subscriber, we're glad you're here. Storyworks Jr. has been more than a year in the making, and much of that time has been spent creating our website. We're so excited about how much we're able to offer and how easy it is to use--but of course if you're having any trouble, or if there is content you can't find or wish we'd include, we want to know. Write to us anytime at StoryworksJr@scholastic.com with your feedback.

Here's what I really don't want you to miss while you're here:

Our Story Cards.

With one flip, you'll see pertinent details like the story's Lexile, Guided Reading, and DRA levels (when applicable), as well as all of the available resources for that story. Click "View Story Page" to go directly to all of those powerful resources.

Our amazing Video Read-Aloud.

For every main narrative nonfiction story, you'll get a thrilling video where the author narrates the article for your students, as authentic footage and photos pull them deeper into the story. Think of it as the best of audio meets the best of video. Teachers are calling it a game-changer because it transforms the way students interact with our content--it can even serve as a "first read." And it enhances comprehension for struggling readers. Check it out and see for yourself!

Our Ideabook.

Our new(ish) blog has one clear mission: to give you simple, spectacular ideas for using our content in your classroom. You'll find posts from our staff with teaching ideas and learning extensions, and lots of posts from teachers just like you, who share their ingenious strategies. Want to share your own concept or lesson plan or technique with other teachers? Tell us about your idea at storyworksideabook@scholastic.com.

Here's to a wonderful school year!

Kara Corridan

Executive Editor