Storyworks Jr. Contests!

Looking for more ways to have your students practice their writing chops?
Have them enter one of our contests!
They can win a fun prize from us, and get a participation certificate from you.

How to Enter

1. Use our entry form (download here) or have students create their own entry.

2. Email your entry to and put the contest name in subject line

Mail entries to:
(Name of contest)
c/o Storyworks Jr.
P.O. Box 712
New York, NY 10013

3. Be sure to include:

student’s name and age

teacher’s name and grade

school name

school address

school phone number

Contests in every issue!

Important Dates to Remember

Issue Entry Deadline Winners will be notified by*
September October 15 November 15
October/November December 15 January 15
Dec/Jan February 15 March 15
February March 15 April 15
March/April May 15 June 15
May/June June 15 July 15
*Dates are approximate

Contest Tips From One of Our Judges!

Improve your students’ chances of winning with these simple steps.

1. Follow the rules. It sounds simple, but so many entries we receive get disqualified right off the bat because they are sent in after deadline, lack the requested contact information, or don’t answer all aspects of the writing prompt. Regardless of who made the error (be it a student, parent, or teacher), if an entry is to be considered, it must follow all the rules listed on the contest activity sheet.

2. Make it legible. If we can’t read it, we can’t judge it. Encourage students to type up their entry if you suspect that their handwriting may be difficult to interpret.

3. Keep it organized. If you are sending in a class set of contest submissions, make sure the contact information from our contest form is clearly marked on each entry. Hunting around for loose or missing parts of submission does not bode well for its winning status.

4. Make your Google Doc public. You have no idea how many emailed entries we want to read…but can’t. Remember to make your entry viewable to anyone with the link. We can’t open your submission unless you give us permission.

5. Wake us up. Too often, I have to nudge snoring our contest judges because they’ve fallen asleep from reading the same essay over and over and over and over again. (An exaggeration…but you get the picture.) Make sure the entry is full of pizazz, energy, passion, and your student’s particular voice.

6. Relate to your experiences. We always love a submission that answers the question while relating back to the student’s world. Has the student ever experienced anything like the characters or people he is writing about? How would he feel if he were in their shoes? We award brownie points for answering the question while seamlessly tying in anecdotal life experiences.

7. Cite text evidence. Whenever applicable, have your students cite their sources (which for most cases…this means us). Call us vain, but we adore it when students say things like, “In the Storyworks Jr. article ‘Into the Dark Water,’ Lauren Tarshis claims [insert supporting detail here].” It makes our citation-happy-hearts soar. We love it when students use supporting text evidence, and we love it even more when they cite their source.

8. Proofread. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes while making sure the entry flows. Perhaps have your students revise each other’s work. Just please don’t let them scribble something out and send it to us without giving it a second thought. Put some care into the entry. This certainly means more than one go-through.