Meet Mayor Stubbs

In a small town, this cat is in charge.

Lexile Level: 570L / Guided Reading Level: Q / DRA Level: 40

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Learning Objective

Students will learn essential paragraph-writing skills while they learn about a cat who is mayor of a small town in Alaska.

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Content-Area Connections

Civics, government, geography

Key Skills

Writing, summarizing

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Paragraph Writing Template

Teaching Extras

Mayoral Duties

For the simplest explanation of what a real mayor does, share this quick answer with your students. And for a more humorous take on the subject, you might read Amelia Bedelia 4 Mayor!

Where is Talkeetna?

Show your students where Talkeetna is by clicking this link. You can zoom out to get some perspective. Point out Denali, the highest peak in North America—just northwest of Talkeetna! For a great Google Maps-based extension activity, see this teacher's genius post on the Storyworks Ideabook!

Stubbs in the News

Your students will love this short news video about Stubbs. See the famous mayor in action!

Animal Politicians

Stubbs isn’t the only animal “politician” out there. You might share the story of Cormorant, Minnesota’s mayor, Duke the dog; the three goat mayors that have served in Lajitas, Texas; and the mule committeeman in Milton, Washington!

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